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UltimaCase - Providing superior protection and carrying solutions for your mobile devices since 1985.

Mobile Computing Cases & Holsters

We have been providing cases and accessories for mobile computing since 1985. Regardless of the type of device that you have, we offer smart solutions for cases, holsters, wearables, mounts and also provide custom designed solutions too!

You need a case that functions, gets the job done, and lasts long.

Why not protect your device, and stay organized on the go? Now it’s easy with the right materials, features, and styles for a more comfortable protective carrier to store your mobile device.

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We partner with the top Value Added Resellers to offer solutions to increase efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction. Your customers will always remain your customers.


Our dedicated in-house design team utilizes quality materials validated by rigorous drop and insertion/removal tests. Our designs consider ambidextrous concepts and include ergonomic efficiency.


UltimaCase products are designed and manufactured with an earth friendly mentality. A vast majority of our products are RoHS compliant and we are working towards 100% compliance.