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As a world leading manufacturer of mobile computers and automatic identification products, Symbol Technologies works with a diverse array of VARs, integrators and third-party peripheral manufactures who create powerful implementations of their products in a wide range of applications and industries.

One such company is Lucas Systems, of Sewickley, PA. Lucas Systems has developed Lucasware ™, a voice-directed software solution for use in rugged, high-noise industrial environments using Symbol’s MC9000 mobile computer. The system is designed to increase fulfillment accuracy, boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction. The Lucasware ™ system helps companies cut operating costs by eliminating errors and improving worker productivity in applications such as receiving, order selection and picking, loading, returned goods processing, inspection and quality control / audit.


The Lucasware ™ system is implemented using their mobile voice units with a with a speech recognition headset in conjunction with a Symbol MC9000 mobile computer linked to a host computer system.

The three distinct hardware components employed in this wearable mobile computer system implementation required that those components be connected via cables, to users who worked in a variety of different warehouse environments, using a multitude of different work related equipment such as forklifts and related warehouse equipment.

Symbol Technologies sought a case packaging solution that would cleanly and safely provide for the interface of all three units together in a productive and user friendly environment that would enhance the system operator’s productivity and the effective daily operation of the system. The case packaging solution to be developed needed need to protect the speech recognition headset jack from damage, as well as securing the headset jack from being yanked from the MC9000 if it became hung up in some foreign object. The case solution also needed to conceal all of the necessary cables inside the case.

In order to make the system adapt to the unique needs of each operator, the MC9000 case needed to be flexible in its orientation, providing them with the ability to adjust the position of the MC9000 mobile computer to the task being performed, while providing easy access to the stylus used for data entry on the computers touch sensitive display.


Symbol called upon the expertise and experience of Agora Leather Products in order to design and develop a custom case solution for the MC9000 that would satisfy the requirements of this demanding warehouse environment.

The MC9000 Voice Activated Software OP Case was designed to ergonomically and efficiently house all of the necessary cables used to integrate the hardware solution employed in this system, as well as provide protection for the MC9000 in this demanding environment and provide a useful tool the enhance the users productivity and acceptance of the system.


The MC9000 Voice Activated Software OP Case is made of ballistic nylon exterior for long term wear resistance and is padded with foam for comfortable holding. The design of the case provides the system user with complete and unobstructed access to the MC9000’s display and keyboard and provides an elastic loop located on the side of the case to conveniently hold the MC9000’s stylus.

Agora designed a plastic molded hood to cover and protect the speech recognition headset jack on the side of the MC9000. An internal strain relief mechanism was implemented inside the case in order to prevent the headset jack from being dislodged from the unit should it become hung up on an external object.

The MC9000 Voice Activated OP Case was also designed to conceal all of the necessary cables inside the case in order to provide both very clean appearance and eliminate any obstruction to the system operator. Additionally, the case implemented an innovative Velcro anchored belt loop attachment option that provides the user with the ability to present the MC9000 mobile computer unit for use in either a horizontal or vertical orientation to meet the preference of the system user.


The MC9000 Voice Activated OP Case is an effective tool designed to help protect companies investment in technology, while enhancing the users productivity and work related experience with the system. The MC9000 Voice Activated OP Case protects critical system components from potential damage by eliminating exposed cables, while providing the user with complete and easy operation of the MC9000 mobile computer.

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