1-12 lbs Overhead Pulley Retractor with Nylon Cable - 55"

P/N: 00-2864

Load carrying capacity - 1 to 12 lbs.

Retractor with nylon cable.

Weight balanced 1 to 12 lbs (0.4 to 5.6Kg).

Travel range of 55".

Tension adjustment with a flat screwdriver or a coin.

Snap hook for attachment.

More Information
P/N 00-2864
Weight 0.2700 lbs. (122.47 gms.)
Country of Manufacture United States
Style Accessories
Style Type Overhead Pulleys
Device Model Number Universal
Color Black
Device Type Universal
Outside Material Ballistic Nylon
Height 1 in. (25.40 mm.)
Length 2 in. (50.80 mm.)
Width 2 in. (50.80 mm.)
Zebra IHV Certified No